Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Playin' Tag

Flea tagged me with this Meme of 4 things. This one is a little harder than it looks. Or maybe, I'm just over thinking it.

A) Four places I go over and over:
1. The kids school. Three times a day. I have a kindergartner and a second grader.
2. Target......I love this place. So much so, that it a prerequisite for living someplace new. If there is no Target.....I'm not going
3. The Laundry Room....whether I want to or not
4. Costco

(B) Four people who e-mail me regularly:
1. Krista
2. Carrie
3. My Aunt Jean
4. My Dad

(C) Four of my favourite places to eat:
1. Rumbi Grill, I love their Voodoo Chicken Salad......YUMMMY
2. Cafe Coronado....I have only ever been there once, it's in Phoenix and it is amazing.
3. Phuket....A Thai food restaurant in Huntsville, Alabama....truly some of the best Pad Thai ever known to man.
4. Red Beans Bayou Grill in Wichita, Kansas. The tomato bisque is worth the trip.

(D) Four places you'd rather be:
1. Huntsville, Alabama
2. Target
3. Lake Tahoe, it is so beautiful there
4. Europe, I have never been and really want to.

(E) Four TV shows I could watch over and over:
1. House Hunters International
2. Extreme Makeover House Edition
3. Everybody Loves Raymond
4. According to Jim

(F) Four people I think will respond:
1. Krista
2. Carrie
3. Missy
4. Kim.....because then she will have something to post about.


Nancy said...

Oh Target, you are so easy to love. If there was a little heart symbol on my computer I would have just commented, "I 'heart' Target." (Except of course for how much I accidentally always spend there).

Anonymous said...

I'll post this next week after I get my Germany posts finished. Thanks!

Krista said...

I love Target, too, because when you're shopping there in spite of the state you live in, that's when you usually call me!

Karen said...

We don't have a Target here. But you'd come visit, wouldn't you?

I don't wanna grow can't make me said...

Phuket??? Is that pronounced the way I THINK it is???? If so, I wanna go!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!

Karen said...

Krista- Yeah....I don't know why that is either?! Kind of funny....but very true.

Karen- If there is a Target within an hours drive....I could live there. As far as visiting goes....not many prerequisites. I love to see your part of the country. It's not a place I have ventured yet.

Not Growing Up- It is pronounced Pooket as in the city in Thailand. It must be a family thing, because someone else who I love and adore likes to call it that.

Flea said...

Target is far from my house, but one is being built close by. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. :) Thanks for playing! Isn't Thai the best?

Tash said...

we may have passed right by each other at target

Flea said...

Come by Friday for another meme. I didn't really tag anyone but J, but it's fun. You should play along!