Friday, May 30, 2008

What to post?

It's not that I don't have plenty to tell you all about, it is more that I am still trying to put the right spin on my day. Trying to find the humor, the positive, the things that I will miss when there are no more little people living in my house. So here are today's highlights:

  1. My darling son brought me in a "flower" (Really big weed with mud still dangling from it's roots) and said, "For you, Mom." What a sweet boy. He has a way of melting my heart even when he is making the kitchen muddy.
  2. The Wild Child was completely amazed today when I showed her a strawberry growing in the yard. She kept telling everyone about it and saying that it was "amazing." Yes, I too, find anything I intend to grow, growing, amazing!
  3. The kids found my Sweetheart's cowboy hats in the garage and were wearing them around the yard yelling, "Ye Haw!" The neighbors had their suspicions before, but now they know we are "rednecks."
  4. Earlier today, I had to put the youngest three in time out for cutting up banana's with a steak knife on the counter top, no less. If it had stopped there, it would not have been blog worthy. However, these are not ordinary children. These are super children. Children with all of their youthfulness amplified. They were then taking the chunks of banana and throwing them on the floor to try and "slip on a banana peel."

I am sure there were more things that were note worthy and I truly wish I had gotten a picture of a few of these things, but this is all my sense of self preservation would allow me.

Friday, May 23, 2008

It had feathers on it when I found it...

12 and half man hours later, yes, count them, the bedroom is habitable once again. Mind you, we will be still be cleaning up feathers for years. They are still floatin' on the breeze, stuck inconspicuously in the carpet, on the walls, tangled in hair on my children's head, but we are definitely on the mend. For the past two nights, My youngest and my son have had to sleep on the floor of the other two's bedroom. (Also, did not get cleaned up until today.) This is what I found the other morning when I went to wake them. When they look like that, you instantly forgive them, that is of course, until you go back to cleaning up the feathers.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

You look like a bride.

So last night I painted my fingernails for the first time in 8 to 10 years. I had some time I had to spend seated with nothing to do, so my nails now have color. I know, yeah, so what.? When I get the kids up this morning, of course the girls notice right away that my nails are painted. Wild Child says to me, "Mom, I love your nails painted, you look so beautiful. You look like a bride!" Oh, Wild Child you sweet talker, you made my day.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Down feathers are of the devil...

Today started our pretty serene. I was quite enjoying it, actually. There was the peskiness of kids being grounded to their rooms till the rooms were clean,but all in all, it was a good day. That is until the Wild Child tells me that the youngest has poked a hole in her pillow with a pencil. Thinking this is not a huge deal, I tell the Wild Child to bring me the pencil. Problem solved, right? WRONG!!!!! Apparently, it was a down feather pillow. The Wild Child decides then to rip the sucker open and spread the feathers like snow. I have no idea how I will ever get them all cleaned up. I am open to any and all suggestions! I tried the vacuum cleaner and successfully broke it, the feathers stick to everything. I have no idea of how to get it out of their hair. I keep telling myself that it is just another day in paradise. Right?

Spring Morning

So it is raining today and it is absolutely beautiful! Some how the gray skies can make some colors so much more vivid. So, after dropping Leila at school we went for a little drive to appreciate the beauty. All was good till someone mentioned it was past time for breakfast.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things you say as a mom...

I expect to say the usual things a "mom" says. Things like, "wash your hands, clean room, be nice to your sister, don't talk with your mouth full." Today I added a new one, "Quit making your vitamins kiss each other and just eat them!" I wonder what my new one will be tomorrow.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What is a Damfoo?

So we were having family night tonight. (We usually have it Monday night, but my Honey will be on travel.) We have just finished up and are getting ready to put the kids in bed. My sweet son is pleading with me to read him the same book for the fifth time, today. I was looking to distract him and put the book on my head and told him it was a hat. He thought it was mildly funny. Not the Wild Child, she thought it was hilarious! In fact she said "You look like a Damfoo." Of course, I have to ask what a "Damfoo" is. Her reply, "You know a Daaam Foooo, that's what you are if you have a book on your head!" I was a little slow, I am sure the rest of you figured it out a lot faster than I did. All of the sudden the penny drops for me. "Oh! Hey Wild Child that first word is a swear word and we don't say it. OK?" With bright smile and a twinkle in her eye she says while nodding her head, "I do mom, I swear. I really do!" Oh Hell, what am going to do now.

Thoughts on childhood

It seems that my children are at their best when they are with other children. Yes, there is the occasional squabble or boo-boo, but minor price to pay for so much creativity and happiness. The facial expressions of childhood crack me up. They are just so pure. They aren't trying to hide their true feelings about anything. I wish I could remember how to do that.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mom, have you seen....

As a Mom, you hear many questions that start this way. At our house it usually ends in my shoes or a specific toy, by it's child chosen name. However, this morning I had a new one. The Wild Child asks as she is putting her shoes on, "Mom, have you seen the inside of my skin?"

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Why did your Mom and Dad go to Alabama?"

I kid you not, when asked at preschool why her mom and dad went to Huntsville, Alabama, th Wild Child replied, "To bring me this shirt."

When I grow up...

Many days, there is the discussion about what my sweet, ambitious children want to be when they grow up. My oldest Leila, is the one who brings the topic up often. At six, she is so looking forwarded to being a mom. In fact, most days it is the only answer she will give you when asked what she wants to be when she grows up. It occurred to me the other day why that is. We were driving down the road and she was angry with me for not being willing to buy her a pair of shoes she wanted. She proceeded to tell me that, "When I grow up to be a Mom, I will do whatever I want!" I retorted, "Honey, we all do." Sometimes I forget how important it is to feel like you have some control of your life. For Leila, it is imperative for any sense of happiness. Maybe it is the case for all of us.

So here are some of my favorite answers heard for the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

A Mom
Zoo Keeper
Lion Trainer
A Chicken
A Train
Puss and Boots
Rocket Scientist
and my all time favorite..... A Circle

My we all achieve our greatest aspirations.