Friday, November 5, 2010


I started this post in February of this year. I got a little distracted. 

What is it about some people that we find them so quotable?

For instance:

"The first requisite of success is the
ability to apply your physical and
mental energies to one problem
without growing weary."
- Thomas Edison

"Unless you try to do something beyond
what you have already mastered,
you will never grow."
- Ronald E. Osborn

My personal favorite quotes come from people I know:

Well, now that I know I don't have to tip I just may start having 85 pound little girls help me load my car. ~Fifi


Now I'm experiencing mid-life crisis and everything is by the freakin' book. ~Fifi

or then there is this that really speaks to me:

It would have been perfect for this post but even though, I am a mommy blogger, I have to draw the line somewhere. I think that its making my kids wait while they are in pain for me to get a picture is where I am going to draw it.
For now. ~ Jen

And then there is this:

-- Mike is always telling me I'm not allowed to use quotation marks all willy nilly -- that I must be sure I am truly quoting. Of course I say, "Bah" to that, but I figured I would take a moment here to clear myself of any and all future quotation mark abuse. ~Nancy


Nancy said...

AHH! Best day EVER. I totally feel like I'm famous -- like I've just been quoted by a major newspaper or some such. I read it to Mike last night and we both basked in our fame for a moment (and, I'd quote what he said, but I probably would use quotation marks and not actually have the words be his exact words, and well . . . heaven forbid).

Also, I laughed at Jen's. So so sadly true. I honestly have been doing something with pics or some such online and tried to hurry and finish when someone has just bonked thier head or something.

Jen said...

Aw, I am a favorite of yours? Love it.

Krista said...

AWESOME! I'm sure everyone is excited to be in the same class with Thomas Edison! I'll have to call Fifi and tell her.....I think she has fallen off the planet. And Nancy - I'm sure there are worse things to abuse than quotation marks. Like commas for instance, or spelling.

Nicole said...

Man, I really need to up my game so that I can make into your quotable post next time. :)

cat said...

Ah Jen, always good for a laugh.

Flea said...

I love quotes from people I know.!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Love it!

Fat, Female and Forty said...

Thanks for quoting me. I'll be sure to quote you, too, when you get back to blogging. I hope you're not lost!

Anonymous said...

You know I think there needs to be a new post!! just saying! lol