Monday, June 30, 2008

Eyebrows, really?

I have been looking for the picture that should really go with this post, but with my organizational skills for pictures, my great great grandchildren may never find it. All beside the point. For as long as I can remember, which is really not that far, Friday night would consist of the family (The Rocket Scientist, Sea Monkeys and me) going out for dinner and then to Home Depot or Lowes. It didn't matter where we lived, we would always do this. In fact, I think one of my son's first words was "Home Depot." For the longest time we could not drive past one without him in full tears over not going in.

If you have small children or have had small children, you know how important it is for them to get enough sleep. Well, it's Friday night and it is date night, even if it is with our four very small children. It is a little late to still be out and wandering around Home Depot, but we are. The First Child and the Wild Child are sharing one of those race car carts. The Little Jamaican and my Son are sharing another. Now mind you, the the First Child and the Wild Child were tired and probably without naps as we were living in a small apartment waiting for our home to be completed. Being that they were 2 and 3, they really should have had a nap to be up so late. Their favorite thing to do then was to get "colors." (You know, paint swatches.) Well, they were each allowed one of their choosing. At some point, there was a disagreement about their "colors" and something to do with seat belts or something. The Wild Child decides that she is so angry with the First Child that reaches out grabs the First Child's eyebrows and tries to pinch/gouge them off. Why her eyebrows were so offensive at this point, I don't know, but that was the Wild Child's point of attack. It's not like the First Child even has big eyebrows. My dear friend, Shades of Blonde finds this as humorous as I did. Maybe more. We still laugh about it more than 4 years later. "Oooooo, those eyebrows are ticking me off!"

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