Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I love you, man.........

Did you ever notice how almost everything I post is about my kids, my husband or something, just plain other than me directly? People rarely believe that I am painfully shy, but truth be told, I am.

There is a point here. I promise. I have been the recipient of many blog awards in the past few months. You are all way too kind to me. Of course this is conundrum for me since I am fairly shy, but I do love the attention. So, I have not done anything with them yet. I know that is bad.......that is why you don't see them on my blog yet. It's the whole drawing attention to myself, thing that is oh-so uncomfortable for me. So, I procrastinate. I'm still wondering why anybody would torture themselves reading my misspelled, missing words and terrible punctuation, but trust me when I say, "I am so glad you do."

Now there are many, many blogs I look forward to passing these awards on to. So I say, time to square my shoulders, plaster a smile on my face, so you don't see how nervous I feel and pretend that you are all reading something about my kids.

My first blog award came from: A Thorn Among Roses. This woman is amazing. She has a house full of beautiful girls and she always is up beat. She gave me this award:

I love this award, since it is my first. If you have not stopped by her blog, you are really missing out. She is funny, sweet and genuine. She is an amazing mom and someone I want to be more like.

I know that I am supposed to pass this award on, but my conscience is eating me alive, like a mosquito at dusk. Here lies my dilemma.......it's that one little word. You know ASK........ My kids sometimes read this, my mom reads this when coerced, my aunt and uncle, you get the point right. Please still be my friends if I just committed a major blogging faux pas.

This of course makes me think of this:

Which then of course, makes me think of this.


Ok moving on.......

This award came from Flea at Flea's World. There are many things to be said about Flea. Oh, she's funny and entertaining alright. though truth be told, the thing I love the most about her, is the way she writes, makes you feel like you have been friends forever. Flea......if you are reading this......thanks for the award, but most of all thanks for making feel like a friend.

So here is where I get to pass this one on:

Nicole over at Naptime Optional. She has a funny take on children and parenting that I really enjoy. She's married to my brother so of course, I think her kids are darling. She is the reason I started blogging. She talked about it enough that I had to see what it was about. She also has another blog called The Nicole Show. Also as entertaining. Trust me.......go see for yourself.

Jen is Buried With Children. That is quite literal. She blogs about her adventure raising her darling triplets and too smart & too cute Hayden. You get a few stories about her Jeff in there too. He seems to be superman. She is the reason if I wake up in the middle of the night, I have to turn my computer on to see if she has posted something new. Really if you haven't been over there, you ought to. It's always an adventure.

Dawn over at Dawn's Place is upbeat, even when a hurricane is headed her way. She has great stories of family, friends and neighbors. She is my newest bloggy buddy and I'm glad we found each other.

Shades of Blonde is Krista, my BFF. She did not make the list here because she is my BFF, that is just a matter of fact. She made the list, because she is witty, funny and a total nut. Really, really, really........if you don't stop by her blog every once in a while, you might be missing the funniest thing you could read all month. Some of her funniest are Under the Influence of Pain Killers and I Said Quack!


Then there is this award from my SIL, Nicole. You know the one mentioned above? Is she just too good to me or what?
Laundry and Children provokes me to think while she is entertaining me. I like that. Really go check her out if you have not. She is doing a month of "Nothing" right now that elevates her to superhero status, in my book.

Nancy's Thoughts are not to be missed. She is cute. (Inside and out.) Her quickly growing family is in the middle of a move. The post on her dream house I felt all the way to my toes.

Life in the Slow Lane is Carrie. She has an amazing ability to capture Kansas in her words and pictures. (and yes I mean the state.) Her life with her hubby TNT are always fun to read.

Stacy at Me and the Boys is a long time friend of the Rocket Scientist and now mine, too. In fact I think she was the RS's first real kiss. This has nothing to do with her blog, just stuff I have rolling around in my head. Anyway, I love to hear about her life and the things she is doing and learning about. I have learned a lot of stuff reading her blog. Stuff I needed to know. Like this and this.


Honestly you all, I'm going to get a big head and that's a problem.........trust me on this one.

Dawn over at Dawn of My Day aka: Dawn's Place gave me this award:

This one came with instructions. So here it goes:

Here are the rules...
Mention the blog that gave it to you and comment on their blog to let them know you've posted your award. Publish these rules. Share 6 values that are important to you and 6 things you do not support:

6 things I value:

1. My knowledge of a Heavenly Father

2. My children.......I know what it looks like to not have them. It's not happy.

3. My friends.........These are the people that keep me sane

4. My Freedom and opportunity to live in such and amazing country

5. My health.......so I can continue to enjoy all of my blessings to the fullest

6. The Rocket Scientist..........the man is one of a kind. I could be really sappy here and nauseate you all, but I will spare you. I just need to say that I hit the jackpot when it comes to spouses. I could have not done better for me.

6 things I do not support:

1. Complaining without being willing or wanting to fix it.

2. Non-thinkers.........oh you know the type..........their opionion is whatever somebody else told them it should be.

3. Bratz Dolls................................My girls want to dress like them........'nough said. I have a story about this for another time.

4. Apathy..........come on now........you know the type.........sometimes it gets so bad that they don't realize their apathy has cost them many opportunities.

5. Spouses who are there only for better, but when worse comes along they bail. (Honestly, I have a friend that when diagnosed with a very scary cancer, the spouse basically left this friend to die.)

6. Doctor's who think they have all the answers and sentence you to die

6 people I'd like to pass this award to:

1. Flea at Flea's World. Refer to above as to why you should drop over and say hello to her.

2. Thorn Amoung Roses Same here......refer to above about why you are missing out if you don't drop in and check her out.

3. Jen at The Cotton Wife. If you want to see some beautiful photos you really should stop in here.

4. Rhea at The Texas Word Tangle. Her posts are like a box of chocolates. You never know if you are going to get funny, thought provoking, crazy, sweet or informational. Sometimes you get them all.

5. Linda at The 7MSN Ranch. The photography and narration is one of a kind. Beautiful, funny, entertaining to name a few. Mostly what I like about this blog, is Linda is brave. She gave up the life she knew for the life she wanted. She lives her dream. Until recently, I really didn't understand what kind of courage that takes. Today's post had a very large 8-legged thing that makes my skin crawl. If you pop over and you really should, you will see and read some things about some four legged characters you will quickly grow to love.

6. Karen at The Rocking Pony. Reading her blog feels like reading a novel I can't put down. I can hardly wait to see how things are going to turn out. I have to keep reminding myself that she can only write about it as is happens. She makes me laugh and cry, cheer and prepare for battle and whole bunch of other emotions I don't have names for right now.


Thanks for reading my blog and leaving comments. You all really do make my day when you leave a comment.

I would say you all have a lot of reading to do!! Why are you still here? Go follow those links..... Really............ Now.........................Nothing more to read here..................................... You are as bad as my kids.....................................go................


the7msn said...

Thanks, Karen, for the award and for the comments you leave for me. I love reading them. And I'm honored that you think I'm brave. Gotta go now...you've directed me to a whole bunch of new blogs I haven't read before. Thanks again!

Karen said...

You deserve every single one of those awards! I absolutely love how you've turned a ME session into a YOU session. The way you've talked about your friends made me want to go read the ones that I don't already. You're such a gem - it's no wonder you've been showered with so many blessings.

Flea said...

Awww! Thank you! And I love the video! I also love the Kick Ass blogger award. :) You know, Balaam rode an ass. In fact, I recently read a narrative about a man who went to church for the first time while in college, knew nothing about Scripture, and spent the first half of the sermon thinking the guy who wrote the Bible was stoned, because his butt kept talking to him. Took him that long to realize Balaam was on a donkey.

Nancy said...

Thanks for the nice compliment! And yes, now that you mention it, I don't think we do get enough about YOU -- perhaps you will have to break down and do a you post every month or so. With that said, you do do a fine job of entertaining with your kids and husband, and don't worry about being sappy, I always feel like the world is a little more right when a spouse seems to realloy really love and like their spouse. I too often and too sadly see the opposite.

P.S. I am with you on Bratz dolls. Shudder. Why why why must they be?

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Love you too, man. :)

Jen said...

Awe, you are just so sweet. I am so glad to have you as a bloggy friend. I love you read about your kids and life, it make me feel not so crazy. Thanks.

Jen said...

Oh and one more thing, please don't get up on my account. My stuff will still be here in the morning. Just sleep, we all need it.

Anonymous said...

I am very honored! Thank you Karen!

I will hopefully have a puppy (Trixie) post up tomorrow. Been busy today. I helped paint my inlaws house. I've said it before that I love to paint and I jump at any chance!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

A out running a tornado? We did that over Memorial weekend. Don't know if you read about that on one of my posts. Scared the marbles right out of me.

Stacy said...

THANKS! for the award! I never got one before! I love your blog too and to see pictures of the kids.

And about RS. I never really knew that I was his first kiss. Thats shocking! But he was destined to be yours not mine. After I said those fateful five words that men hate to hear ("I just want to be friends") he started dating someone whom I thought was a nightmare! Then I believe he started back on the right track towards you!