Sunday, September 14, 2008

Question and Answer Tag

Jen who is Buried With Children tagged me with this Meme. If you don't read her adventures in haven't really lived. She is unbelievably brave, funny and real.

1. Where were you 10 years ago?

Wow, that was a life time ago. I am trying to remember. I know we (the RS and I) were living in Utah. That was pre-kids, so I'm sure I thought I was busy, but I had NO IDEA what busy was then. We had just purchased our first home and I was working with people who had survived a traumatic brain injury.

2. What is on your to-do list today?

Laundry, more laundry and more laundry. I know, exciting isn't it.

3. What if you were a Billionaire?

Yes, WHAT IF? I have way too many ideas about this. This is actually a goal of mine. I would love to help people anonymously. I mean really help. My brother recently blogged about this in a way I found thought provoking.

4. Name 5 places you have lived:

Southern California- When I first married.

Carson City, Nevada- I was born in Reno and lived in this area until I was 12.

Salt Lake City, Utah- My teen years until I met and convinced the RS he had to marry me.

Haysville, Kansas- This little town in just south of Wichita. Loved it here. It was something entirely new for me. I went kicking and screaming. I swore the RS would never move me to KANSAS. Honestly, I knew nothing about Kansas at the time and really had know idea how amazing it is. I cried a long time over leaving Kansas when we left. Little side note: Wichita, KS is probably one of our nations best kept secrets of great places to raise a family.

Queen Creek, Arizona- This great little town is apart of the sprawling Phoenix metropolis. I love living here as well. Really, I have learned that there isn't anywhere that I couldn't live. There are so many neat people to meet, new place to discover, new adventures to have. That said, it took this BFF to come get me to move away from from my Arizona home.

5. What are three bad habits you have?

You mean besides the fact that I can write run-on sentences and mis-spell faster than I can type?

If you ask the RS he will tell you blogging while I should be folding laundry, but I am not
counting that one.

1. If I unwrap a piece of gum, I'm likely to leave the wrapper on the closest horizontal surface. I know that I should throw it away, right away, but somehow, it only happens about half the time.

2. Cracking-up when the kids do something they are not suppose to. I do not have poker face. I really wish I did. The Sea Monkeys might take me more serious if I wasn't fighting the giggles when I have to correct them.

3. My most shamed bad habit is talking before I think. Oh, my mouth! Really, there are days I wish I could convince my family doctor to sew the dang thing shut. I say something without thinking and the end up spending the rest of my life thinking about the thing I said without thinking. Maybe I will blog about some of my most notorious times in the future.

6. What kind of snack do you like?

Sugar snap peas if it's healthy. It is seldom I get to eat them. My kids love them too, so I have to fight for them. Especially since they live by the rule "nothing's yours until you swallow it." If I'm not being healthy, then it would bread, chocolate and anything salty, which I might add, is more often than not.

7. Who will you tag next?

Krista- Shades of Blonde
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Anyone else willing to play. Please?


Shannon said...

Yes, laundry is usually a daily "to do" chore for me, too!

Krista said...

I guess if you're going to put a link to my page I should have something besides "Duh" as the title! Ha! Crap! I just forgot what I was going to say!.....Oh! I loved the "nothing's yours until you swallow it!" Ain't that the truth? They have no qualms about removing something from someone elses mouth! Ha!

Nancy said...

OK, so I would totally be doing this one if it wasn't already on my blog somewhere. . . . Although, I am tempted to do it again since it was so fun to read your answers. You have lived around! Goodness. I have always been such a wimpy homebody, but I think you might be right that it would be OK to live anywhere. Living up in WA these past few years made me realize there really are so many cool people to meet out there and it always seems unthinkable that you could have lived your life NOT knowing those people once you have!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH! Thanks for the tag. As I was reading that I thought to myself I wouldn't mind filling this out and posting. Thanks so much!!!!