Friday, May 30, 2008

What to post?

It's not that I don't have plenty to tell you all about, it is more that I am still trying to put the right spin on my day. Trying to find the humor, the positive, the things that I will miss when there are no more little people living in my house. So here are today's highlights:

  1. My darling son brought me in a "flower" (Really big weed with mud still dangling from it's roots) and said, "For you, Mom." What a sweet boy. He has a way of melting my heart even when he is making the kitchen muddy.
  2. The Wild Child was completely amazed today when I showed her a strawberry growing in the yard. She kept telling everyone about it and saying that it was "amazing." Yes, I too, find anything I intend to grow, growing, amazing!
  3. The kids found my Sweetheart's cowboy hats in the garage and were wearing them around the yard yelling, "Ye Haw!" The neighbors had their suspicions before, but now they know we are "rednecks."
  4. Earlier today, I had to put the youngest three in time out for cutting up banana's with a steak knife on the counter top, no less. If it had stopped there, it would not have been blog worthy. However, these are not ordinary children. These are super children. Children with all of their youthfulness amplified. They were then taking the chunks of banana and throwing them on the floor to try and "slip on a banana peel."

I am sure there were more things that were note worthy and I truly wish I had gotten a picture of a few of these things, but this is all my sense of self preservation would allow me.

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Nicole said...

You are so much better about laughing at stuff than I am. If I had somehow managed to live through the feather incident I would've certainly lost it with the bananas all over the floor. ARG!