Sunday, May 18, 2008

What is a Damfoo?

So we were having family night tonight. (We usually have it Monday night, but my Honey will be on travel.) We have just finished up and are getting ready to put the kids in bed. My sweet son is pleading with me to read him the same book for the fifth time, today. I was looking to distract him and put the book on my head and told him it was a hat. He thought it was mildly funny. Not the Wild Child, she thought it was hilarious! In fact she said "You look like a Damfoo." Of course, I have to ask what a "Damfoo" is. Her reply, "You know a Daaam Foooo, that's what you are if you have a book on your head!" I was a little slow, I am sure the rest of you figured it out a lot faster than I did. All of the sudden the penny drops for me. "Oh! Hey Wild Child that first word is a swear word and we don't say it. OK?" With bright smile and a twinkle in her eye she says while nodding her head, "I do mom, I swear. I really do!" Oh Hell, what am going to do now.


Stacy said...

I love it! That was kind of like when Logan said his first word. We were in the car on the highway and Logan pointed out the car and said "UCK". It sounded like something else, but we quickly saw he was pointing to the semi next to us! Couldn't he have just said "Mama"?

Nicole said...

oh rach!!!!

Sully said...

I have a wild child Damfoo sayer myself. He makes sure I smile about something EVERY day.