Thursday, August 7, 2008

How it all started....Part Three

I was looking forward to seeing the Rocket Scientist when he came up to Salt Lake City, but I wasn't dying to see him. I was definitely looking forward to it just the same. We had established a good friendship and I really did enjoy his sense of humor.

My sister and I had a trip planned to go visit our great-aunt and uncle in Chico, CA. I have three sisters who are all very different and I love them all for very different reasons. One of the reasons I love Kim is she has a very funny sense of humor. This makes her a lot of fun to road trip with, though I digress. Kim and I take off and drive to Chico, CA. We were having a lovely visit. My great-aunt and uncle were always so much fun to visit. They were very political and educated mixed with warmth and a delightful sense of humor. They were honestly like another set of grandparents to us.

The day before we were to return home, I started to feel sick. I not talking about drooling on the RS's first date kind of sick, I'm talking about puking my guts out, sleeping on the bathroom floor kind of sick. Some of the details are foggy now, but I think Kim got it too, before we left. Sometime in the middle of the night lying on the floor moaning, I suddenly knew, without any doubt in my mind, that I would marry the RS. I'd like to say that I was in love with him at this point, but I'm not sure that I was. I just knew it was him and it had to be him.

When I was starting feel well enough to think about driving home, I wrote the Rocket Scientist a letter. I never flat out told him I knew we were meant for each other, but I did tell him that it had been a very enlightening trip and that one day I would have to tell him about it. (He has since then 'fessed up and said that when he read that, he then knew what I was enlightened about.)

Some time passed and it was finally time that the RS was in town. He called and asked if my roommate and I would meet him and his brother in North Ogden at a friend's house. Of course we would. We hung out. Mostly we watched a bunch of guys play pool in his friend's basement. It was a rather awkward evening. (Not that you would expect anything else at this point.) I wasn't sure really what to do with myself. I knew things. Everything in me had changed since our first date. The chemistry was suddenly right, instead of all wrong. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. I so badly wanted to wrap my arms around him that I was contemplating how soon we could leave so I had an excuse to hug him good bye. As it got dark, my roommate and I decided it was time to go; she had to work in the morning. The view of the stars that night was amazing. People were pointing out the "Big Dipper" and "Orion's Belt." Then the Rocket Scientist was having a hard time finding the "Little Dipper." I kept pointing and trying to explain where it was. It just wasn't working. I finally thought, maybe if I see it from his vantage point I could show him where it was and have a great excuse to flirt with him at the same time. I maneuvered behind him, slid my face slightly to the right of his and pointed to where the "Little Dipper" was. He still didn't see it, but if you have ever had the misfortune of hearing him tell his version of this story, I'm not sure he could see anything at that point. I tried for a minute more, letting my cheek "accidentally" brush his or let my breathe brush his neck as I gave up and stepped away. My heart was pounding like I had run a mile. I was a goner. There was no doubt at this point that I was "in love." I hugged him briefly then and invited the RS and his brother for lunch the next day. He said, he'd let me know in the morning since they were headed home some time the next day.

As my roommate and I climbed in the car that night, she starts laughing hysterically. She spits out in between the laughing and gasping for air, "Smooth, Karen, real smooth." I was pretty sure she was being sarcastic but I had to ask anyway, "Do you think he noticed?" She wondered if it was possible for him not to notice.

To be continued.........


orangemily said...

I love romantic stories! You keep leaving us hanging and even though I know how it ends it's killing me!

Flea said...

I know guys are dense and all, but that was wonderfully blatant. :) Good job!

Nicole said...

I have had the misfortune of hearing the RS tell the story. :)

And explain to me exactly how laying on the floor, puking your guts out made you think of how much you loved the RS???? I'm not sure I'd consider that a compliment if I were him.

Anonymous said...

TNT and I met through a friend who knew we'd be perfect for each other. She was right! Now let me ask you how do you thank someone who's given you the best thing in life...the love of your life?

If he didn't run for the hills because of the drool he'll be around forever and a day.

Anonymous said...

You obviously don't get the whole true love thing, Nicole. Drooling. Vomit. The eternal ray of sunshine. They all go perfectly together with the little dippers and a life of love and happiness.

--The Rocket Scientist