Thursday, August 21, 2008

Look at your what?

I over heard the kids a few weeks ago talking about something that just didn't seem to make sense. I didn't stop to find out the details because, well, somebody has to do the dishes since the RS is a bit out of commission. (A posting for another day.) If you know me at all, you know that I am not the one to do dishes in the house. The RS is the man when it comes to dishes, garbage and mowing the lawn. None of which he is really doing right now. Sorry, I'm getting off track. Back to the conversation I was over hearing. They were saying something about a "blood eye." I could see them, so I knew no one was bleeding or doing anything obscene. A few weeks pass and I hear this phrase again. This time I hear one child say to another, "I don't want to see your blood eye." Well, now I must investigate what this about. I head over to where they are. Before I can ask what's going on, the Little Jamaican says to me as she pulls the skin down just under her eyes, showing the curve and veins of her eye balls, "Mom, look at my blood eye." What do you say to that?


Flea said...

You laugh and laugh and laugh!

orangemily said...


Krista said...

You really should teach her your trick of turning your eyelids inside out! I love it when you do that!