Saturday, October 11, 2008

No again, no again, no again

I love when my kids are first learning to talk. There is something almost magical listening and watching as those patterns develop in their little heads.

My sweet Son at the tender age of seven is just really learning to talk. There is a lot I still don't understand, but there is a lot I do. Part of it is, he talks really, really, fast. If you know this child, you know that this is the exact opposite of everything about him. He likes to take his time. He doesn't like to rush anything. For a long time I worried his life's aspirations were to be a "couch potato."

Two of my new favorite phrases from him are: "No again, no again, no again" and "No bubbles" The first one he uses for the obvious things........the things that he doesn't want to do again. The other one is reserved for the washing of his hair. Nope, he doesn't want it washed. As a matter of fact, he doesn't like it combed or cut either. Trying to cut his hair is similar to what it must be like to shave a cat. It takes two of us. We don't subject a stylist to this as it is quite taxing. I hold his arms down and wipe his nose, as he is screaming through the whole thing and the Rocket Scientist shaves his head. Sounds like fun.....huh? Tomorrow will be one of those delightful days that My Son will get a haircut, at which point I am sure both he and I will be crying, "No again, no again, no again!"


Wep said... nephew is like that. Turns out he has some sort of adversion to the vibration of the clippers on his head. My sister has an inhome stylist who comes in. He's gotten better but I still wouldn't want to do it.

Nancy said...

My daighter would always say, "More again!" -- Here's to hoping he decides hair cuts are a "more again" type of activity!

P.S. You totally DID smell snow -- you are now my new weather man, well, weather woman, so keep that in mind as you post.

Rhea said...

Wow, the haircut ordeal does NOT sound like fun. My younger son was like that for a while, but has grown out of it now. I feel for you!

Good luck. BTW, I'm glad he's starting to talk more!!

Jen said...

I love the way kids talk. It is just so cute.

Flea said...

Oh poor baby!

orangemily said...

The joys of motherhood!

orangemily said...

P.S. Speaking of hair when I was at the "What A Woman Wants Show" I tried a straightener that I fell in love with! I thought of you because the demo guy rubbed the ceramic along my hands and I didn't get burned! It was hot, but no burns, made me think this may be something to invest in when fixing children's hair.