Monday, October 6, 2008

Tag, your it.

I was tagged by the Oysterblogger to tell 7 weird or random facts about me. I may have done this one before, but honestly I can't remember. I'm sure there are plenty of things weird about me, so hopefully you all won't think....."I think I have heard this before."

1. I want a minimum of 6 kids. The RS says we are done.

2. I was in the "band" in high school

3. I know from first hand experience you should never shave your legs and swim it the Great Salt Lake on the same day. (Ouch!)

4. I gave the RS an ultimatum when we were dating to ask me to marry him by New Years or I was out of there. (I know, a bit bratty.)

5. My favorite car was a Toyota Tercel. (I could park that thing anywhere!)

6. I love model homes!!!!

7. Dusting is something rarely done in my house. (I tease that it is against my religion.)

All right, time for me to tag a few of you and since I can't remember who has done this and who hasn't........if you haven't consider yourself tagged.


Flea said...

Char-lie! I felt the same way about the video the first time I watched it. My kids LOVE it. They quote it all the time. My favorite is when they say, "Shawn, the Unbeliever!" I've grown tired of explaining.

Dawn said...

Those are great! I don't dust either, until I have to! How long were you dating when you gave him the ultimatum? Just curious!

Jen said...

I am so with you on the dusting thing.

Anonymous said...

what a fun list! thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

Flea- You don't have to explain yourself to me. Remember I'm a Napolian Dyanamite fan. :)

Dawn- We had been dating for 8 months or so. There is more to that story, but not enough room here.

orangemily said...

I don't believe in dusting either!

Anonymous said...

TNT has so many racing trophy's and they are a pain in the butt to dust. So I only dust twice a year. The last time was in April before the wedding! oops!

But I sweep and mop every week. I can only be expected to do so much! :)

Danyele Easterhaus said...

super fun...and from experience, sometimes hubby thinks ur done and then, well, ur not...adoptions and prego's happen like that for us! crazy!

Nancy said...

See, that is more like it -- af ew more posts that tell us about you. I mean who knew that you were a band girl!