Sunday, July 27, 2008

Do I have eight arms?

We have just walked in the door from church and I am asking my children to please take their shoes and few of other miscellaneous items of theirs upstairs to their bedrooms. Gently reminding them that Aunt Kimmy and Uncle Andrew are coming up for dinner. The Wild Child must have thought I was nagging because the Rocket Scientist says she sounded like me. She says, completely exasperated, "Do I look like I have eight arms? NO! Am I an octopus? NO! I can't carry all these things upstairs!"

I have to walk away to keep her from seeing me smile. I have never used that exact line of reason, but similar. Mine usually goes something like this when they are demanding things from me at the same time. "I'm not Elastigirl and there is just one of me. So, you are all going to have to wait a minute."


Nicole said...

Well, last time I checked she had 8 arms! Or at least you'd think she did at the rate she can get into trouble!

orangemily said...

Ms. Personality!

Unknown said...

that is hilarious! i love your blog!

Squirty Wart said...

LOL! Silly Wild Child! That one is T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!! Ya can't help but love her!

Jen said...

I am going to have to remember that one. I usually say something like; "I am one mommy and there are 4 of you so you are going to have to wait!"
"I am one mommy and there are just too many babies in this house."
The Elastagirl line is much better.