Saturday, July 26, 2008

How old is your backpack?

The 1st Child must be an old soul. By the time she was 18 months old, she would tell me what she would and would not wear. She didn't like clothes that made her look like a baby. She wanted clothes that made her look like a tween.

As time has marched on, things have not changed with this sweet child of mine. In kindergarten and 1st grade she wanted backpacks that had Hello Kitty on them. That part was age appropriate but the fact she liked the mono-chromatic colored Hello Kitty backpack screamed I'm in 5th grade.

Today we shopped for her 2nd grade backpack. The first one she picked was a JanSport, mono-chromatic, looks like I'm going to high school, cost $60.00, back pack. Nope, I draw the line there. It's too old and too much money for a 2nd graders back pack. She finally settled on a "book bag" instead that says I'm still in the 5th grade.

Now if I can just keep her in the 5th grade until she gets there.


Flea said...

Oh girl. The back packs. We're in the throws of discussing one right now. I refuse to spend 60 bucks on a back pack. The teenagers have nice messenger bags (my daughter made hers), but my eleven year old wants an expensive bag. Ugh. Unfortunately, time has proven that the nicer bags wear better over time. Also unfortunately, the cat peed on the last one.

Stacy said...

Mine are REALLY old. I have both the one from high school and the one from college. I also had a "messenger type bag" that I would have still but I used to at a class a couple years ago. I found it in my closet a year later with the sandwich I didn't eat still in it. It got trashed! But I just bought Logan his 3rd backpack and the deal was that I would spend a little more money on it but he would have it until it fell apart. He was okay with that. His first was a Curious George pack that according to him was not appropriate for kindergarten. I got him a really cheap $5 pack that broke its zipper half way through the year. We used it anyway. This year we bought a $60 pack that was on sale for $35 at Kohls. It's plain and black and blue. I figure if it was a character pack it would be uncool at some stage. It is an Adidas and has a lifetime guarantee on it falling apart. If the zipper breaks you send it to them and they send you a new one back. I like that. As long as he doesn't loose it!

orangemily said...

I can't believe she's only in 6th grade! She does act much older!