Thursday, July 31, 2008

Please......Protect me from myself.

I'm not sure yet if the title of this posting is appropriate yet or not. We will have to wait and see. I am warning anyone who reads this post, that they do so at their own risk. It will likely be very controversial. OK disclaimers are finished.

Yesterday I took the Wild Child in for her Kindergarten check-up. I love the Doctor and the whole practice for that fact. That is saying quite a bit if you know me. I am one of those free thinkers that doesn't believe that doctors have all the answers for my health and well being.

The Wild Child was very calm about the whole thing and so was I, because I honestly believed that she was all up to date on her immunizations. So I didn't prepare her for any "shots" or prepare myself for such an event. Turns out she had to have three. UGH! She was so brave as she and I talked about it while they prepped the immunizations in another room. I asked her if she wanted me to hold her when they gave them to her, or she wanted me to hold her after. She said after. She was so good about it....till it started to really hurt as they pushed the injection into her thigh muscle. I had to, not only hold her then, but restrain her. I think it was worse on me than it actually was for her. I worry she thinks that I ambushed her.

So that was the trauma. Here is where I rant and get controversial. As I am talking with the Doctor, she tells me that another school district in the area requires some blood work and tests that my school district does not. I start thinking about this and I am really getting mad. (Not at the Doctor.) Why does the school district think it can mandate such things? Is it any of their business if my child has Sickle Cell trait or any other number of things that tests can prove? If I choose to not let my doctor release the information to them, can they still get the information? Not that I have anything to hide, I just feel that government in it's MANY forms, thinks that I am incompetent, therefore, must mandate and legislate, me and my family to safety.

I think about home schooling a lot. I am not sure that the government belongs running schools anyway. I think that it is a conflict of interests so to say. Our history books sort of back up my point. The history books change over time based on the popular opinion of the day, not to mention, this gives the government a captive, impressionable audience to push what it thinks is right. Which I might add is not always what I believe to be right.

There is some controversy over immunizations for some people as well. I am on the fence with this one. I do however believe that families should have that right to choose whether this is for them or not and not mandated by the public school system. People should be well informed about the risks, either way. Then and only then, should they make those kind of choices. I think about all those people who now suffer from Autism that are linked to a type of vaccination serum used years ago.

I just want to live in the the "Land of the free and the home of the brave."

Ok, one more disclaimer.......My comments moderation is on because I have received some spam and one comment from some physco/perv a while back. Please feel free to share with me what you think and I will post it. It is always good to know if I am way out there on my own or if there are a few others like me.


orangemily said...

I have no homeschooling ambitions, but I totally agree with you on the gov't thing. They have their hands in way too much! Like they think they need to keep us safe from ourselves, it's all wrong!

Stacy said...

Even with the changes made to vaccinations there are even more diagnosis of autism. There may be many reasons for it. But I have a theory that I have read is becoming more popular. I have an autoimmune problem that requires me to not eat gluten. It turns out that one effective treatment with autism is eliminating gluten and dairy all together. It got me thinking that maybe there is a link between our immune system being bombarded by all these immunizations and autism. Just a thought.

Then the homeschooling thing. I commend you and think you are very brave. You definitely have the patience to do it. All I have to say is that this may solve the backpack issue!?

Salty Incisor said...

i am on the fence too about immunizations.
But I have sort of come full circle and think I should do them because my kids have survived and they are protected from things that could resurface in bio warfare (am I paranoid or what?)
But I agree about government being so intrusive and neighbors being so intrusive ha ha
I would have had the same reaction.
I have thought about home schooling too but I just doubt my own ability to do it.
My sister in law swears that immunizations cause autism or those type of spectrum behaviors that her son has. Autism has skyrocketed in the last few decades. I still don't know.

Trooper Thorn said...

School districts need to spend more effort on teaching math, science, literature, art, music and phys. ed. and less time on social engineering projects.

Let's start by having at least two weeks in a row without an in-service day, early dismissal or in-class movies.

Thanks for your comments about residual income and the NFL. I wish I could keep getting paid for work I did last year.