Thursday, July 10, 2008

Does the Rocket Scientist have a point?

We made it!!! Finally, no more children asking if we are there yet. My Son no longer asking if we are going home or if we are going to eat pizza. We arrived in the Valley of the Sun this evening. It truly feels like the Sun's valley. I love how the heat here makes you chill for the first instant here. I knew I liked here, but I wasn't prepared for how much I love it here. I missed this place so much.

Since we moved North a state and to the North part of that state, we have not had really good pizza. So we could not wait a day longer and went to Barro's Pizza for dinner. It was worth the trip for the pizza alone.

As you might imagine, traveling two days in a car with four children ranging from almost 4 to 7, has it's moments. The Wild Child is wound up and apparently hungry when we make it to the restaurant. The salad bar is between where you order and where you sit. The Wild Child helps her self to a cherry tomato. The 1st One notices and decides that this not right. She takes the tomato from the Wild Child and puts it back into the salad bar. The Rocket Scientists notices this happen and tries to keep the tomato from ending up back in the tomato container. As he doing this, the Little Jamaican notices a very tempting ladle in the Italian Dressing container and pulls it out. As she starts to realize the her dad has caught what she is doing, she throws it on the floor so she can't be busted for touching something she's not suppose to.

Finally, everyone is at the table and we are patiently waiting for our pizza. (Well, some of us, patiently.) The Wild Child repeatedly tells us that, "It took for a long to time to get here and now I 'm not going to get to go swimming." You would have thought that we drove two days for her to go swimming the way she was going on and on about it.

After eating as the Rocket Scientist and I try to get the Sea Monkeys, back in the car so they can go swimming. They are running around like wild animals in the African Savanna. The Wild Child notices something blue and sticky on the sidewalk. My Son walks over to check it out as the Wild Child is peeling it off the side walk. Seconds before The Wild Child put "someone we don't know's" discarded gum in her mouth, the Rocket Scientist yells at her to put it down. She laughs and drops it as my Son decides to pick-up. Yuck!!!! Why are kids so disgusting? As the Rocket Scientist and I are wiping their hands off and trying to minimize whatever they may have just picked up, the man tells me, "We're done! D - O - N - E! Done, Karen." I've been telling him for years that we are not done. That we need another two sea monkeys before we can be D-O-N-E, but after tonight's outing, I am wondering if the man might have a point.


orangemily said...

Wow! I thought I wanted 4 kids, but you're making me nervous about even #2 comig in just 5 weeks!

orangemily said...

P.S. I totally want "good" pizza now!

Rhea said...

What an outing! Whew. Makes for great reading though.

Salty Incisor said...

I love the Valley of the Sun it is the best vac spot ever!! I love their snobby pizza too because truth be known I am a pizza lover but not the kind here so I usually make my own but i worship pizza and that can be a prob but jealous about you up there eating "good" pizza and it is so beautiful up there!!!! Have a fun time!

Stacy said...

That was really hard to read because I was laughing the whole time!!! I don't know how you do four. We have one and then mother nature said that we have had enough. My husband thinks we will find a way to get more but I truly think it is a sign! Sorry but I am with the Rocket Scientist on this one. But give me another one so I can take your side to make it even!

Krista said...

Aren't you sick of poop yet? Aren't you dreaming about wiping the giant butt? How will your kids handle sharing your attention with another one?! They sure are cute, but the best is yet to come! Wink, wink!