Saturday, July 5, 2008


What is it that truly makes a person happy? and what is happy? I wonder if the answer to this is the same for everyone or is it different for each of us. When I think about being truly happy, it is a combination of things for me. It is accepting myself with all my flaws and still being willing to like me. It is having something to look forward to and work towards. It is being able to see the people around me that I love growing and learning. I think that happy for me is in direct correlation of how much hope I have. So I am wondering.... What is your definition of happy? What makes you happy? Is it a choice? or choices you make that lead you to happy?


Rhea said...

What makes me truly happy is when I feel like I'm doing the right things and making the right choices...also when I'm providing well for my children and making time to do the things that give me pleasure (like writing and blogging).

Nice thoughts, good questions.

Nicole said...

I've been on a very personal journey for several months now to discover the answer to that very question. I'll let you know if I ever find the answer.