Tuesday, July 15, 2008


If you visited us when we lived in the Valley of the Sun, we probably took you to El Rico's for some of the best Mexican food on the planet. Only then, there was just the shack that contained the kitchen and you had to eat outside, because there was no inside and no restrooms either. You would have to wait an hour in line just to order on a Friday night and they only took cash. (Yes, the food is that good that you would endure even the ridiculous heat of the summer, wait in line forever and run to the nearest gas station if you needed a restroom!)

Well things have changed!!! The new building as pictured below is air conditioned. They now take cash, debit or credit. They have very functional, nice restrooms. (I would know after repeatedly taking the children to the facilities during our two stops there.) The food is still as amazing, the people as nice as ever and you can still eat outside if you wish.

Oh to live where the Mexican food is amazing again.


Nicole said...

yea for a new building. but i still think you are crazy. it would take more than good mexican food get me to move to Arizona!

i'm actually quite content exactly where I am for now. Well, okay I'd like to live about 45 minutes closer to husband's work. But mostly I'm happy where we are at.

orangemily said...

That's a beautiful restaurant. All your food stops are really making me jealous!

Krista said...

Okay, that's enough! It's time to come home now! El Rico's looks amazing, actually, and I think the guys went there when we went shopping or something - or they were closed? Let's visit there together next summer! Note I said VISIT?