Friday, July 18, 2008

All good things must come to an end...

What a fun vacation that was! So there was some stuff I left out while on vacation. Mostly because it takes me so long to put my thoughts into words and then longer to make them make sense to more than just me. One of my very favorite things in the world to do is to walk through model homes. If you have ever done this with me, you know that I could go on forever. Most people are "crying uncle" long before I am tired of it. There are some funny things I have noticed about model homes. Like this for instance:Honestly, would most people put these items on top of their dryer? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all about every room in the house being a place that is pleasant to look at, but come on. Really? Would I really put more dirt voluntarily into one of the main rooms in the house dedicated to removing dirt? I'm just sayin'.

Here is another one that has me wondering. I love the theme and color scheme in this room. I find it cute beyond words, but, (you knew the but was coming right?) the life preserver on the bed? You know in my house it would be doing the opposite of preserving life if it were left on a child's bed. I am certain that some child would be trying to use it on a sibling as collar and leash or possibly a device of torture.
Ok, enough of that! So when Wednesday morning rolled around this week and we had to start heading home, there were so many tears cried by children begging to stay for just a few more days. They were honestly breaking my heart. The kids had slept in that morning, which was good. I could do so much more, faster without their sweet little selves distracting me. My Son and the Wild Child woke first. We tried to keep them quiet so they would not wake the others. That didn't work so well since any time we weren't watching they would sneak off into the other room and try to wake the others. When they did finally wake the 1st Child, she was not happy about it. She was still very tired from being out so late the night before. She comes to me and says, "Mom, these two woke me up with their running around and screaming. I wasn't ready to wake up and now they are making me annoying!"

Not ten minutes later I am trying to convince the Sea Monkeys to get dressed. I wanted to get packed up and on the road before it got too hot. The Little Jamaican walks over to me butt naked with her underwear around her neck saying as she sways, "Look at my beautisul scarf." Will you just get dressed please!!! This seems to be a recurring thought I have lately. I am wondering if I am raising nudists. It's not that hot! Put some close on for Pete's sake, and mine too for that fact.


orangemily said...

Yeah, what is it with kids and being able to run around naked?

Rhea said...

You're definitely raising nudists. hehe It's actually nice that kids are so free about that, because eventually we all get funny about being naked. :o)

I like touring model homes too. I agree with you about the dirt in the laundry room and the life preserver. Weird!