Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How it all started.....

I wanted to record how the Rocket Scientist and I met and fell in love, so that one day our sea monkeys can read/hear it and appreciate what geeks their parents are. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent and the not-so-innocent alike)

I was young and stupid. We all are at some point. I had been dating the same guy for three or four years. I loved his family and I think I might have still loved him a little. He was a good guy. We were toxic for each other. He could bring the worst out in me. I haven't seen the person I was then, since then. (Thank goodness!!) I didn't exactly bring out his best traits either. We had been engaged for a time. The engagement ended when I finally gave him back his ring after another big fight. Some how, I knew it was over, but I just couldn't let go and kept seeing him. For ease of telling the story, we are going to call him Bill.

I remember the biggest turning point. My best friend from high school was in Ireland serving a mission for our church. He had been there a while and knew of another guy who could use some letters. My friend, who we will call Jed, sent me this guys address and gave my address to this guy. Now, I have to disclose, I was crazy about this best friend, Jed, guy. If I had honestly believed I had a chance with him, I may have never dated Bill, the guy who's family I couldn't break up with.

So this guy needing letters sends me a letter. Very general, nothing too interesting, but a bit humorous. He mentions something to the fact that Jed mentioned there was a girl back home with the same sick sense of humor and that he ought to write her. So, I wrote him back. Four pages of non-sense. I read and re-read it. I just didn't like how it sounded. I think it was just too "cheesy." So I tore up all four pages into little 1 inch squares and put in the trash. I then re-wrote the letter, (two pages this time) and dropp it in the mail. The 4 and the 2 page letters could have not been more platonic if I had written them to my brother. Later Bill comes over to hang out (and think annoy me.) During the time while Bill was over, he found time to go through my trash. (Remember what I said about bringing the worst out in each other?) He finds the four page letter in teeny-tiny pieces.

Later that night I get a call from Bill asking me if he can come over. Me, hearing he is sounding a little upset, "Yeah, come on over." He arrives looking like he has been crying. I ask what's wrong. He proceeds to tell me that he took the torn letter out of my trash can, took it home, taped it back together, read it and now he is sure that I am in love with this guy and that I am going to marry him. HA! Funny Bill! Don't do stupid things, admit them and try to use them against your girlfriend. That was the end of any trust I had in him. The letter content was so benign that I could have read it in front of my high school algebra class.

A few months later, Jed has finished his mission and is back in town, I have finally ended things with Bill and I am still writing the guy with the sick sense of humor. Jed and I go out a few times. As typical for Jed when he didn't know how to handle a situation, he starts avoiding me. OK, whatever, I am so glad I am not dating anymore.

Now I am living in the greater Salt Lake City area at this time. The guy with the sense of humor is finishing his mission up and is headed home to the greater San Diego area. His last letter from Ireland includes his home address and phone number. I'm thinking cool, this guy might be fun to hang out with if we are ever in the same city.

Then one night I am bored out of my mind. My roommate is out on a date. Most of my friends are now engaged or married. So not a lot to do. So I decide to call the guy in San Diego. (Yes, I know, a healthy dose of shy could go a long way here.) "Hi, is Stan there?"

Voice clearing on the other side of the line. "Hello."

"Hi, guess who this is?" The man will not play along, He just would not guess! It wasn't like I was looking to be his girlfriend. Maybe he thought I was testing him. (I was testing him a little. For some reason I wanted to know if he was dating. The other thing, I was hoping to find out is if he had a big enough sense of humor to guess something ridiculous like Bat Girl.) We ended up talking for about 30 minutes. The conversation was witty, slightly flirty with zero depth. He mentions he is headed up my way to visit with some friends and ski. He then asks me if I would like to grab a bite to eat with him, if I am free one of those nights. It occurs to me for the first time, that he might be a little interested. I agree that it would be fun to meet the person I have been writing letters too for the past 9 months. So..........we set up a date.

To be continued....


orangemily said...

Ooooh, I can't wait for the next installment!

Rhea said...

This is a fun story! How neat you guys were penpals first. I can't wait to hear more.

Nicole said...

other people's courtships always make mine seem so boring.

Karen said...

Nicole- your courtship is anything but boring! You just haven't found your angle yet. All those years my brother discreetly chased you. There are so many angles. The way my dad was about your courtship. Then their is the Riley factor. Girl, you have a story.