Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some moments of my day...

The sea monkeys slept in. It was divine. I haven't slept until I was ready to wake up, in years. Anyway, around noon a friend of mine tells me she is taking her kids to the park and asks if I would like to bring mine and join them. I am terribly embarrassed that we are still all in our jammies and that it will take us a few minutes to finish breakfast and meet them at the park. I am on turbo speed now. I jump in the shower, throw some clothes at my kids, plead with them to get dressed. Just before leaving, I ask everyone to use the restroom. My sweet son has not been potty trained that long but has been doing really well. As I am looking for my shoes, one of the girls yells to me that her brother has peed all over the floor in the bathroom. Yes, I know, not blog worthy, but I am not finished. It would seem this is what happened. My Son was following directions and going into use the facilities before we left. He has dropped his pants and underwear. His shirt is a bit long, but has not lifted it yet, when he goes to lift the toilet seat and an earwig crawls out from under the rim. This startles him so much that he drops the seat and squeals as he starts to spray my bathroom, his shirt, pants and shoes. So much for being in a hurry.

Good news is, I have only seen 3 earwigs total today! That is a huge difference from before when I was killing more than I could keep count of.

At the park, I got to play with one of my friend's sons. It started out as soccer. He's three, so I use soccer loosely. Before long, it turned into playing "Power Rangers." He said he was the red Power Ranger because he could run "freaky fast." The kid was cracking me up. I was to be the pink Power Ranger and we had to stay in the shade because anywhere the sun hit the ground, was "wava." As it turns out, according to the "red Power Ranger" I played soccer with this afternoon, Power Rangers can swim in lava. I'm gonna miss that kid. He goes back to Idaho this weekend.

Bed time prayers are a source of many chuckles for me. The Wild Child asks in her prayers to dream about a white rat, but no mean rats. It makes me wonder if she has been reading about the The Good Flea's pie baking experience. (


orangemily said...

Crazy kids, I love it!

Trooper Thorn said...

I'd like to see a soccer game between the Power Rangers and the ladies from Sailor Moon.

Jen said...

I am SOOO jealous about the sleeping in. OH, to sleep until I wake-up...I don't know if I know how to do that anymore.

BTW, thanks for visiting.