Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Will the bed time madness ever end?

How is it that it can take less time to clean the kitchen than it does to put four kids to bed? Oh, the goofing off and excuses and the stalling. Asking them to get their PJ's on repeatedly. Warning them if they don't go "potty" now, I will make them where a "pull-up" to bed. Then there is the "you didn't kiss me." Even though I have and then the 25 stuffed animals that are suddenly craving my affection, or at least a good night kiss. The Little Jamaican tells me every night, after I put her in bed, that she is "persty." Of course there are no drinks at this time of night, because I have enough laundry to do without having to wash all her linens in the morning. As if that is not enough, she now gets out of bed and torments the others that we have alredy sent back to bed twice. Then there is the First Child, "I'm too hot. I'm itchy. I need to tell you something. The Little Jamaican is out of bed and bugging me." Just to name a few. Then the Wild Child is out of bed. If the First Child gets out of bed, then she has to get out of bed, because she is afraid to be alone in her bedroom at night. The Wild Child is then complaining that she's scared or is copy catting something someone else is saying. Thank goodness for my Son! Once he's made it to his bed, he's there till the sun is up.

Even after all of this and other trivial stuff that I have not bored you with; they are still up. I can hear them out there, trying to jump out and scare each other. Of course, its because the Little Jamaican is out of bed, again.


Anonymous said...


Nicole said...

my least favorite part of bedtime is bath time! They go to bed without one more and more these days.

Karen said...

Will- thanks for the encouragement! :)
Nicole- I too, hate bath time before bed.

Karen said...

Sadly, it doesn't get any better. Our oldest is 13 and she does the "let's ignore the bedtime command" and THEN pulls all the "I need a drink, my legs hurt and I need Advil..."

Rhea said...

Bedtime sounds a little...umm..hectic at your house! lol I feel for ya!

I love the nicknames you have for your kiddos. They're so cute.(the kids, I mean, and the nicknames too)

Thanks for coming by and sayin' hi!

orangemily said...

Oh man, this is why I've been dreading the move from crib to toddler bed for Moira. Then she'll be able to get up after we put her down.
We do baths in the morning because bed time doesn't work so well.

Krista said...

Maybe at bathtime you can show them what happens to naughty little ducks (read my blog to understand that.) It just so happened it was relevant! We must be BFF's!

Karen said...

Karen- really? No better at 13?

Rhea- Thanks! I think they are cute too. But I'm there mom, so I don't really count.

Orangemily- Moira is an angel. I am sure she will be good about staying in bed.

Krista- Did he ever pick-up his underwear?

Salty Incisor said...

My least favorite part of the day is "bedtime".. They ought to call it everything under the sun but bedtime!! YOu have to watch the elmo/Andrea Bocellli video on you tube where he is putting elmo to bed it is hilarious. It is on the bottom of my right hand column on my blog but it totally describes bedtime!!! Beautiful kids!!!! thanks for finding me